More Medical Health Professionals To Be Trained For NHS

Today Jeremy Hunt announced that more mental health professionals are to be trained and recruited by the NHS in England. The aim is to be be able to treat an extra one million patients by 2020-21 with an extra £1 billion earmarked to fund the scheme.

It’s great news to hear that more money is being invested into mental health but this scheme is a tall order and the goal is still a long way off. Time and again we hear in private practice from people who have tried and failed to access mental health services through the NHS or the process has simply taken too long.

Counsellors and therapists in private practice offer a valuable service to those who are finding it difficult to access public services and can often be more flexible with appointment schedules. While it’s true that not everyone is in a position to pay for private therapy, many who can feel it is money well spent.

If you would like a free initial consultation to explore how therapy or counselling can help you email us at and we will arrange a confidential call with you to book your consultation.



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