Stress Management Workshops

Companies across the globe lose millions of working days per year due to their staff taking time off with stress. This impacts both productivity and profit and it can be an ongoing problem.

Business Psychologist & Coach, Terry Hill.

An unhappy workforce isn’t a productive one and even one person suffering with stress or depression can impact the mood and morale of the people working around them. It often becomes a vicious cycle with the stressed team member eventually  taking time off, only to return some-time later with the issues still unresolved.

Hypno-Psychotherapist & Coach, Shari-Jayne Boda

Stress is one of the most talked about but misunderstood conditions in modern society. Left untreated it can lead to more serious problems such as depression, addictions and self-harm.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Leading Business Psychologist, business owner, author and coach Terry Hill and Hypno-Psychotherapist, business owner, author and coach, Shari-Jayne Boda, have devised a one-day interactive workshop to give your staff the tools and strategies to manage stress.

If you encourage a supportive and caring working environment and would like to empower your employees to manage their stress levels, then this workshop is designed for your business. Contact us for further details either through the contact us page here or emailing